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Shred Meditations

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Sonic journeys for forward motion. 10 sec crossfade. Never shuffle. (suggested use for snowsports, bicycles, rollerblades, road trips, etc...)


Space Mountain

46 mins

Unifying prompt = "lush." The original use of this tape was Arapahoe Basin. Relatively sci-fi. One of my shred-favorites. An AprèsSki classic. 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle.


Hypomaniac; Snogging the Flames

46 mins

A thoughtful mixtape for Tash, Coyote Mike, Halldór Helgason and Fridtjof Sæther Tischendorf at Stratton. (Do you like guitars, crying, playing with fire, screaming in cars, riding wild beasts, and controlling rollercoasters with the width, breadth, and soul of your singing voice? Good.) 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle.


Cheese and Trumpets and Something Serious

42 mins

Designed for solo snowboard sessions at Stratton, winter of '18/'19. I am dramatic, not cool, and very fun. 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle.


Oh Heartbeasts, My Heartbeasts

48 mins

No one makes a mixtape quite like me...'cept Jack in Titanic. This one's been brewing 14 days. It speaks to adolescent passion for poetry, fire, and solitude. Fearful-avoidant indulgences of lyrical dissociation. Sensitive moments. Sad. Indie-rock of varying intensities and fidelities. Guitars. I was going through it at the time. 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle.


Sludge Metal and Pep with Murray

47 mins

Yes, I included a Foo Fighters song. Deal with it. 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle.


Tory's Album Release Wave

39 mins

Okay, that was fun. 5R party wave format. Rock songs. Heroes. Cinematic moments. Indulge in the feel good nostalgia and shred. 10 sec crossfade. Never shuffle.


80 Percent Playful

47 mins

Richard wishes you a pleasant trip! Originally intended for a weekend birthday camping trip #DJAprèsSki was unable to attend. Suggested use = 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle. And as always, take care of your needs. 80%!


Crystals, Minerals, Rocks, and Stones

45 mins

This was my 2018 birthday mix. Electro, psychedelic, trance, humor, hellfire, guitar solos, B-sides, anger, angst, ecstasy, root chakras, release, and rock royalty for dirtbags and dads... Great for dancing, cruising, hacking, crafting, surfing the void, and lighting mountains on fire. 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle.


What Would Al Do?, Ep 11

90 mins

While this playlist does not include any songs by Weird Al Yankovic, WWAD features music that I think he would appreciate. New wave, manic punk, hair metal, pop culture, guitars, synth and flamboyance. Emphasis in the 80s. 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle.


Blood and Gristle

68 mins

Powerful Anger. Fast Fast Fast. 54.9 mph. Use responsibly. 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle.


Fire Medicine From Your Neighborhood Mixtape Pharmacist

44 mins

Channel that manic, intoxicating rage. For use on mountain, etc... 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle.


Got My Liver, Got My Blood

45 mins

Dramatic lyrical theatrics, powerful female vocals, Justina's electro-world influence, covers, cheese, harps, sweeping instrumentals, thoughtful transitions, the good old days, morning glory affirmative feel good fun. 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle.


Not a Robot, Sat Shred

44 mins

Familiar synth, frenzied trance, chaos, computers, and an epic orchestral masterpiece of ultimate nostalgia. Are you in a video game? Is this a VHS cassette? Are you making turns with your crew in the trees? The answer is Yes. 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle.


Nothing Matters and We're All Gonna Die

56 mins

#DJAprèsSki loves us, sensitive and real. Lows and highs and thighs and trying.10 sec crossfade. And for the love of god, never shuffle


This Time Tomorrow, Coffee and Contemplation

48 mins

Morning after melancholic snowboard wake up call for fluid introspection and lushtronic implosion, brazil vibez, cheese, synth, grit, glam, easy listening, folk.



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