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Updated: Oct 8, 2019

When the dream has died. 10 sec crossfade. Never shuffle.


48 mins

No one makes a mixtape quite like me...'cept Jack in Titanic. This one's been brewing 14 days. It speaks to adolescent passion for poetry, fire, and solitude. Fearful-avoidant indulgences of lyrical dissociation. Sensitive moments. Generalized depression. Indie-rock of varying intensities and fidelities. Guitars. I was going through it at the time. 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle.



46 mins

You Probably Think This Mixtape's About You, Don't You. 10 Sec Crossfade. Never Shuffle.


48 mins

Breakups, Side B.


44 mins

Breakup resignation. Thanks for the muse, Richard. 44 minutes. 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle.


47 mins

Tash receives some hard news. 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle.


© Andrew Shaylor

55 mins

"Hey Tash, how's it going?" (Not really intended for shredding....but anything's possible.) 10 sec crossfade. No shuffle.


153 mins

On the occasion of the death of David Bowie. 10 sec crossfade. Never shuffle.


Ⓒ Chiara Bautista

247 mins

2015 broke my heart and I was never the same again. This mixtape was the first time I used playlist curation as work of narrative nonfiction and trauma-processing.

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