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Welcome to the #DJAprèsSki Mixtape Club.


This has nothing to do with face and bodypainting.

Tash (#DJAprèsSki) grew up a sheltered, homeschooled child and was forbidden from listening to non-religious music except for the oldies station, musical theater, and Weird Al. Since the advent of Kazaa, Tash has been on an obsessive mission to catch up on the secular world and consume, categorize, and collect music. Tash has developed strong opinions and eclectic taste.

Tash views their mixtape curation and the invention of the Downhill Disco, a silent disco movement meditation for extreme sports, as the apex of their creative expression and legacy on planet Earth. 

If you don't have a Spotify Pro Account, what are you doing with your life? Do you even like music?


I’d like to thank the people who turned me onto music and mixtape curation. Especially Alex Kouri, Dimitri Kouri, Jesus Christ, Weird Al Yankovic, Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, P.D.Q. Bach, WERS 88.9, Magic 102.7, John Hardin, Brian Viglione, Amanda Palmer, Regina Spektor, Jeff Mangum, Andrew Lloyd Webber, David Bowie, Dan Sakamoto, Sean Stogner, James Ray, Justina Heckard, Kate Rubens, Renee "Gertrude" Tracy, Graham "Ace" Milton, "Magic Hands" Nate Floyd, Matt "Shreddie Mercury" Mitchell, Gear, Skunk, Michael "Trail-Mix-A-Lot" Parrella, Michael "King Lily" Ryterband, and of course, my higher power named Richard.

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